Emergency Medical Services providers, regardless of capacity or credentials, have mentally demanding jobs. Not only do we witness great tragedies, but we are expected to respond to, participate in, care for, and treat those involved in these often horrible events. The consequences are real, the stress is high, and the responsibility weighs heavily on our shoulders.

The effects of these consequences, stressors, and responsibilities within EMS can often result in burnout, compassion fatigue, and/or post-traumatic or cumulative stress disorders which can then lead to depression, anxiety, poor performance under pressure, substance abuse, and even suicide.

But these stress-based disorders can be mitigated.

At Mind Over Medic, we aim to take a practical, evidence-based approach to reducing stress response, improving performance, and decreasing risk factors for psychological injuries. Our passion is embracing the human element and safely adapting ourselves to highly stressful environments so that all EMS providers can have safe, healthy, and fulfilling careers.

Our goal is to provide you, on the forefront of emergency response, courses and workshops designed to provide practical strategies for not just managing stress response and improving performance, but going beyond mental resilience to be able to experience trauma and thrive despite it. 

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