“Overcoming The Overwhelming” is an introductory human factors course. This four-hour workshop is designed to introduce the scope of human factors in relation to EMS and incident response, performance optimization, stress mitigation, and the development of stress-related psychological injuries. 

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Price: $75/person


“Loved the content in this course…felt it was very relevant to any first responder or anyone facing acute stress on a regular basis. This will certainly be a subject of discussion for the future.”

“Thank you for offering this class! Sam did a great job of speaking to our service & having engaging activities! We now have tools to perform our job better and handle the aftermath as well.”

“Great topic! We need more education and encouragement in developing a better culture in ems for provider and patient. Sam did a fantastic job and I would love to see him present again!”

“This course was very informative! Thank you for teaching on a topic that isn’t talked about enough. Offered a lot of food for thought.”

This was such a great course! As a new clinician in the flight world learning various ways to identify when I might be over stimulated vs under, and how to overcome those things to perform better is extremely helpful! Understanding how changing your perception can change your reality which can impact your performance was so eye opening. Your examples were really helpful and put these concepts into perspective!

“Great presentation, very knowledgeable and pertinent. Sam speaks from a place of personal experience and passion.”

“Gave a really good insight on how we process calls and incidents. Great info and coping skills!”

“Great content that was well delivered in a digestible way.”

“The class can be applied to other jobs also.”

“Much needed and well executed presentation!”

“Real life scenarios make us think.”

“Very educational and informative.”

“Very enjoyable, great content!”

“Very informational. Great job!”

“Definitely worth every minute!”

“Very very insightful”

“Great class.”